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Who are we?

Bear Denim Co. was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife team. We operate as a strong family owned company with one very simple goal in mind: to produce jeans that fit perfectly for both men and women. We believe that feeling great is very closely connected to looking great, and provide a personalised luxury service that offers customers a rare and unique feeling.


Why make your own jeans?
Why not…personalised underwear?

We believe jeans are a wardrobe's most trusted ally, and a good fitting pair is hard to come by. The average person tries on countless pairs in the search for that perfect pair to compliment their figure, usually making do with 'sort-of-okay-but-not-quite-right' fitting jeans. Nobody wants to feel average, so we wanted to provide an escape from overflowing muffin-tops, unnecessary and expensive trips to the tailor, and that strange gap that appears at the back of the waistband.

We believe in providing easy access for everyone to be able to buy jeans that fit perfectly. No matter where you are in the world, Bear Denim Co. can ship your personally designed jeans to your door. They're cheaper than "off the rack" designer jeans", providing excellent value for money.

How do we do it?

We pride ourselves on our speedy production and delivery times. To keep sweaty palms and postman-harassment to a minimum, we advise customers to allow for four weeks – two weeks for production, and two for postage. We believe in a fair and safe workplace for all, and ensure our jeans are made with ethical workplace practices in mind. We make our jeans in Thailand to keep production costs low, with fair working conditions high on our list of priorities. We're strongly anti-sweat shop, and still create jobs locally in Australia through a range of administrative duties. All of your customer queries are dealt with out of our head office in Queensland, Australia.

We believe in practising eco-awareness, so your jeans are made in line with our policies on environmental sustainability. Water conservation is high on our list of priorities, and we're constantly looking for new ways to reduce the amount of water used in the manufacturing process.

We're right on top of every step of the design process. From the moment cotton is weaved into denim on site, to the cutting of your personalised pattern, we're double and triple checking the quality. Once your jeans arrive in Australia, we perform a final quality check before sending your creation to its final destination – YOU.

To sum it up

Bear Denim Co. gives you the tools to look and feel confident. No matter your shape or size, you'll feel comfortable in your hand-crafted pair of personalised jeans. Simple.

Our Vision

You're a far from average individual, so you deserve a far from average pair of jeans. Designing your own jeans means you get that perfect fit, every time. But it's not just for people who have their tailor on speed dial. Designing your own jeans is fun for the style conscious. Our design shop gives you the power to unleash your creative flair and create a one-of-a-kind style that nobody else can match.
It's cheaper.
It fits better.
And it's 100% yours.