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Why Don't My Jeans Fit

Why don’t my jeans fit!   There’s an unrivalled kind of frustration that goes with the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans. You try on several pairs of jeans in a crammed dressing room, yet somehow every pair is too small, or too big, or too wide at the hips, or too SOMETHING. It happens to us all. That gaping space at the back, and the self-doubt that comes with a muffin top that seems to appear from nowhere until you try on a pair of jeans. Almost every person you talk to will have some qualm or quarrel with their jeans, yet still go on wearing them.  Jeans are a staple in almost every wardrobe. They can take you from everyday casual to night on the town, and they are the expectable standard for most friendly gatherings. Most people agree that they feel their best in a great pair of jeans. Don’t get us wrong jeans are not hard to find, a pair of jeans can be found in nearly every retail fashion store, heck, they even have mega chain stores devoted to the sale of one item – jeans. So they are easy to find but hard to fit. Just because they are easy to come by it doesn’t mean the struggle to find the perfect pair is any less frustrating, if anything it makes it worse. We feel all the more hard-done-by after the seventh shop still didn’t have the right pair.  Let’s stop the madness! We know that no one out there has the exact same body shape as we do, if we are so unique that even our finger prints are one of a kind, why don’t we expect the rest of our bodies be? So why not instead of trying to conform to the standard set-size craziness of mass produced jeans, we make our jeans fit us for a change.